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What to expect

Persvera prides itself on being the fastest and most accurate public records search engine in the world...
and it’s free!

Persvera aggregates billions of public records to organize the nation’s information and help you find what you’re looking for.

A quick search will give you the most complete collection of information on old friends, new family, coworkers and anyone you are curious about.

Why trust Persvera?

Free Search

We want to make sure that you find exactly who you are looking for, that is why our searches are always free.

Accurate Results

Our unique data algorithm compiles reports on the search subject to bring all data together in one place.

Big Database

We've integrated hundreds of public data sources to provide you with complete information on the person you are looking for.

What you’ll find?


Cell and landline numbers of people and their family members provided in each report.

Names & addresses

Current and past addresses for each report mean you get the correct information each and every time.

Court records

Criminal records, felonies, DUIs, sex offender data all in one place.